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Blog - Entries for 2011

Archives 2011

Yesterday members from Vodafone developer (yours truly @johnwyer) and the Vodafone Content Services team (Gareth Williams, Erin Ericson, Glenn Millard and Mike Eaton) cycled from Newbury (home of Vodafone UK) to Paddington (Vodafone group headquarters) to raise funds for ‘Vodafone Moyo Challenge’.

The 'Vodafone Moyo Challenge' aims to raise £7m across the Vodafone universe & is aiming to eradicate obstetric fistula from Tanzania by 2016, improving the lives of 31,000 women. Moyo means heart, courage and passion. 

After a rather early start, and with the cold wind of December chilling us to the bone, we plugged our way east along ...

Publishing platform updates

Following the recent update to our publishing platform we have now introduced a number of new features and functionality for you. The update includes adding the ability for you create Deep links and Universal IDs (also known as UNIVIDS), and an improved reporting system, find out more below,

Deep links and Universal IDs

Deep links and Universal IDs (also known as UNIVIDS) allow you to link directly to your apps that you have uploaded to Vodafone AppSelect from a web page, a banner or even directly from an Android app. These give you the flexibility to create campaigns that not ...

Last night we were delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards at a ceremony attended by the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes and Vodafone Group Chief Executive Vittorio Colao.

See the winners video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K59FziRk0bU

The competition opened in June and after a number of judging rounds the final four winners were decided by a panel consisting of representatives from Vodafone Foundation, Vodafone Group Services Limited, Guardian Media Group plc the European Disability Forum and AGE Platform Europe.

The mobile internet is central to the daily ...

Festive planning

It's been an incredibly exciting year for us, and now as the year draws to a close, we thought we would update you on some key dates over the next month.

1.  Publishing platform planned downtime.
We are doing the last upgrade for the year on our publishing platform. This will result in the platform being unavailable on the 6th December from 18h00 to 00h00 CET, so make sure you plan your publications either before or after that time!

2.  Support offline.
Our online support facility is closing for the festive season and will therefore be unavailable from the ...

The finals of the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility awards 2011 will be held this Monday, the 5th December in Brussels.

The competition opened in June and after the first round of Judging, the 12 finalists were announced on the 15th October. Here are a number of great stories on the topic of Smart Accessibility.

·  Apps for blind and partially sighted users: Independent developers are adding accessibility features to Android apps with exciting results

·  Mobile accessibility: setting the standard: Setting non-regulatory standards will help developers stick to the 'design for all' principle, securing investment for the future. John Galloway ...

Great news for students in Portugal! Earlier this week Vodafone Portugal and the University of Lisbon Faculty of Sciences (FCUL) signed an agreement to create a laboratory devoted to research and development projects related to mobile technologies.

The Laboratory will operate within the curriculum of the Master's degree in Computer Engineering by assigning projects to a range of disciplines appropriate for their implementation and in line with objectives and issues identified jointly by Vodafone and FCUL.

A specific area has been selected for the establishment and operation of the Laboratory – the 'Vodafone App Factory' room – where students and lecturers ...

So you’ve heard about our new app store ‘Vodafone AppSelect’ and you’d love to have a play and see what it’s like, but you don’t have a device. Well you now can via the Vodafone Handset Cloud where Vodafone AppSelect is available on a number of real live devices. It’s FREE to register and use this service, and is also a great way to test out your apps on a variety of real handsets. Find out more and how to register for the service here

Below is an example of a number of devices in ...

Five tips for successful mobile apps

With the recent launch of Vodafone AppSelect our customers are looking for apps that stand out from the crowd, and creating useful and innovative mobile apps isn't rocket science. In fact, the best recipe for success is surprisingly simple:

  • Match your own skills and interests to an everyday problem, and solve it better, or with a difference
  • Stay focused on the user experience
  • Pay attention to the details

To help get you on the right track we have a paper that offers five straightforward tips to help you plan and implement successful mobile apps, covering,

  • Tip 1—Solve a ...

Today Vodafone launched a refreshed app shop called Vodafone AppSelect where Vodafone customers can easily discover and download apps and games for their Android phone. Vodafone AppSelect will come pre-installed on Vodafone Android phones and has a clean, compelling and easy to use design that surfaces relevant content to a wide range of customers. Vodafone AppSelect will be available across 9 markets (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Netherlands and Russia).

So why Vodafone AppSelect?

  • Vodafone AppSelect is exclusive to Vodafone and provides customers with a simplified purchase environment.
  • Curated catalogue allows for easy app discovery by eliminating ...

We received an overwhelming amount of entries and have been delighted by the quality and innovation of the entries.

Our specialist first round Judges from AGE and EDF have now completed the first round of judging and we have our final 12 entrants that will be competing in the finals.

To view the 12 Apps that will be in the finals, please click here: http://developer.vodafone.com/smartaccess2011/finalists/

Thank you again to all the entrants for all their submissions and don’t forget you can submit your apps to the Vodafone Shop, find out more here: http://developer ...

Apps Publishing Platform Planned Outage

UPDATE: 17th November (15:15 GMT) - The Vodafone Apps Publishing Platform is back up and online now.

We are planning a number of updates to our Apps Publishing Platform (http://developer.vodafone.com/upload) and as a result the platform will be taken offline from 09:00 (CET) 16th November 2011. We will post an update as soon as the platform is back online.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and will post an update as soon as the system is live again.

Thank you for looking to distribute your apps with Vodafone, and for your continued ...

If you are looking to make your Android app available across multiple markets, then you’ll need to implement multiple language support in your apps.

Android has excellent features that make implementing and managing multiple languages easy, and you should take full advantage of that in your apps.

Supporting multiple languages is the most important aspect of localisation and you can find out more in our tech guide here.

Update on QA


We are currently experiencing an overwhelming amount of submissions for our app store resulting in a backlog in the QA process.

The QA process should take in the region of 10 - 12 days to complete per application but is currently taking longer than this. Please continue to check the site for further updates.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Vodafone developer team

New Support Interface Live!

In our endeavors to provide our developer community with best of breed support, we are pleased to announce that we have a new ticketing system to capture your support requests!

This ticketing system will enable us to respond to your queries more efficiently, ensuring your query receives the necessary attention as quickly as possible.

Please note that the support ticketing system located at https://developer.vodafone.com/support/ticket/  is now the only mechanism by which our support engineers are able to respond. Our support engineers are not able to respond to support requests raised via direct email.

The support ...

20 October 2011 17:50

We have now restored the reporting features and the platform is available again.

Thank you for all your feedback.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and we are reinstating the existing app statistics (download and sales) information pending the release of our new reporting system.

In order to do this we need to update our publishing platform and as a result will take it offline at 17:30 CET today for approximately 1 hour.

Many thanks for all the feedback and we’re working hard to improve your developer experience.

We're in the middle of a number of upgrades to our App publishing system and as a result we are currently unable to display information about your app downloads / sales.

We will be releasing a new reporting system in the coming weeks and in the interim you will be able to see your reports via email for chargeable apps.

We apologise for the inconvenience here but we think you'll be much happier in the future there with a much improved reporting system in place!

Please also remember that we are also making a number of other changes regarding ...

The GSMA (the organization that represents mobile network operators worldwide, including Vodafone) recently published a summary of research that it commissioned on user perspectives on mobile privacy. The aim of the research was to improve our knowledge of the public’s perceptions of mobile privacy and the extent to which privacy concerns may inhibit the uptake of mobile services and applications, including new offerings such as location-based services. The project’s methodology involved face-to-face and telephone interviews and a large-scale online survey, including people in the UK, Singapore, and Spain. In total, over 4,000 people participated. The study’s ...

UPDATE: Apps Publishing Platform Downtime

22:31 GMT - 18th October 2011

Our engineers have now resolved the issue, and the Application Publishing Platform is available again.

Thank you for looking to distribute your apps with Vodafone, and for your continued support!

Apps Publishing Platform Downtime

17:45 GMT - 18th October 2011

We have been facing a number of issues with our publishing platform today http://developer.vodafone.com/upload which we are working hard to resolve. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and hope to have the platform back up and running as soon as possible.

We will post an update as soon as the system is live again.

Thank you for looking to distribute your apps with Vodafone, and for your continued support!

Following on from our communication on 12th September 2011 (http://developer.vodafone.com/blog/2011/09/12/vodafone-shop-submission-process-update-apps-and-games/) we wanted to let you know that,

· we now have updated application and games terms & conditions. New submissions and any existing apps in the Vodafone Shop will be subject to these terms and conditions, and these will need to be accepted by you in order for us to be able to distribute your application or game. You can view the terms and conditions here - http://developer.vodafone.com/develop-apps/android/android-terms-and-conditions/

· for all new submissions your application will now need to pass ...

Are you looking to enter the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards? Then don’t delay, entry closes on the 15th October. This leaves you just 3 days to finalise and submit your app!

PLEASE NOTE: We have noticed a bug which is resulting in uploads timing out after 2 minutes. If you are not able to complete your upload within that time, please reply to this mail, attaching your .apk file in zipped format along with the name of your app as well as company name, and we will confirm with you once your entry has been finalised. Apologies for ...

Looking to publish your app in The Netherlands? If you are then please be aware that we are closing the ‘Apps’ channel within the Vodafone Shop in The Netherlands. This is solely for apps and you can still continue to publish as normal in the 7 other Vodafone markets and MTS. 

This update is being made as a result of a change in focus for our Vodafone customers in The Netherlands and the change will take place on 17th October 2011.

Please note that games remain unaffected by this change and you can continue to publish to all 8 Vodafone ...

The Vodafone Foundation in association with the Digital Empowerment Foundation introduce the Women & Innovation for Mobile (WIN) Award. The aim of the 'WIN Awards' is to celebrate and recognise innovative mobile applications and solutions that enable empowered information and communication services delivery to women in India.

The “WIN” Awards seeks to identify innovative mobile solutions which meet the diverse needs of women under the following categories:

  • Education
  • Healthcare & Family
  • Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

The three winning solutions will each qualify for a funding grant of 44,00,000 INR to further develop and scale their mobile innovation to serve a larger ...

Further to our previous comms (http://developer.vodafone.com/blog/2011/09/12/vodafone-shop-submission-process-update-apps-and-games/) we will be updating our developer Terms and Conditions. This update comes into affect on 17th October 2011, which you can review here - http://developer.vodafone.com/publish/vodafone-widgets-developer-agreement-terms/.

Please be aware that you will need to accept these updated terms and conditions during the submission process when publishing your Apps or Games.

We wanted to let you know that we are changing the territories and platforms supported by Vodafone Shop over the coming months (this includes Shops on non-Android platforms, on the web and the Vodafone 360 Shop). And from 17th October 2011 onwards these Vodafone Shop clients will be shutdown, pending local market specificities, as we are refreshing our mobile shopping experience for our customers.

Be sure to stay tuned for exciting updates and developments across the platforms in the near future!

Earlier this week Vodafone hosted Smart Accessibility workshops in Belfast and Madrid. At both workshops there was a great turn out, and even better ideas and insights shared. Attendees from both the developer and accessibility communities joined together to share valuable info and there were even some great demos too.

For the Belfast workshop there were some fantastic presentations that looked at ‘an introduction to accessibility’ and advice from the industry on how to develop for this market. There was some pretty impressive technology on show that included voice recognition – and in fact how this can help in everyday life ...

Vodafone today acknowledged and rewarded three start-ups at the forefront of mobile internet service innovation. The start-ups are the winners of an international competition established by Vodafone to help identify and support the next generation of leaders in the global application development community.

The winners of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 are:

1st place (€150,000 prize): FrogTek (Spain) is a simple and intuitive point-of-sale inventory management application with the potential to transform how shopkeepers in the developing world manage their businesses. The application uses basic Android smartphone and barcode reader functionality to enable retailers to access sophisticated stock ...

Over the coming weeks we are going to be making changes to the Vodafone Shop submission process for your apps and games. These changes are being made as we are committed to delivering an excellent and unique Vodafone experience within the Vodafone Shop. With a focus on higher quality applications customers are more likely to return and download again which therefore increases the visibility of your apps to the customer and drives revenue opportunities. These changes, combined with direct customer billing (i.e. no need for credit cards) enhance the experience for the customer. 

These changes will be related to ...

At Vodafone developer we recently launched the Smart Accessibility Awards, where you have the chance to win a share of €200,000! In the lead up to the competition we’ve teamed up with Mobile Monday (http://www.mobilemonday.org.uk/) and ICT (www.ictktn.org.uk) to host four half-day  accessibility workshops, which kick off in Edinburgh on Friday 16th September. Other locations include Manchester, London and Belfast, with some exciting European locations too including Madrid (September 28th), the Netherlands and Germany. Further details will follow and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ...

With just five weeks of the competition remaining, the race is on for you to submit your entry for the entry Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards and be in with a chance of winning a share of the €200,000 prize fund.

The programme is supported and co-organised by AGE Platform Europe, the European network of around 160 organisations of and for people aged 50+, and the European Disability Forum (EDF), the NGO that represents the interests of 80 million Europeans with disabilities.

Entries from across Europe will go head to head to win a share of the total prize ...

Launch of Vodacom Apps in South Africa

We’re really excited to announce that Vodacom in South Africa has launched the first application store in the market– Vodacom Apps will feature a catalogue of over 140,000 applications. We think that this will drive the growth and innovation within an already thriving local South African mobile ecosystem. 

The store, known as Vodacom Apps, will deliver applications for major mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobilewhich means you can address the vast majority of data capable feature phones and smart phones in the market.  The store will feature a wide variety of apps in various ...

Ovum Developer Insights Survey 2011

Ovum are conducting a Developer Insights Survey for 2011, and we thought this would be a great opportunity for developers to get their voices heard and potentially win a prize! Here’s more information about the survey:-

Are you a mobile developer or are you involved in your company’s mobile application strategy? If so, Ovum is interested in your opinions for the Ovum Developer Insights Survey 2011. Take part and receive a free copy of Ovum’s Mobile Application Developer Survey 2010 and a chance to win an iPad 2 or BlackBerry PlayBook.

This year Ovum wants to reach ...

Vodafone today unveiled the seven mobile internet start-ups that have reached the final of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 competition. They are:

Germany Wunderlist is the first cross platform task management app that supports over-the-air sync and unlimited sharing completely for free.

Netherlands Skylines offers a search platform for real-time images. Combining data from social media sites like Instagram, and Yfrog Twitpic, Skylines indexes over one million photos a day.

Portugal Hole19 is a complete mobile and web performance optimization platform for golfers, connecting them to golf instructors and golf courses.

Republic of Ireland HeyStaks is a social search service ...

Vodafone first in Europe with operator billing for Android Market
Developers can monetise their apps even more easily through Android Market

19 August 2011. Vodafone developer today announces the first rollout in Europe of direct operator billing for Android Market. Vodafone UK and Vodafone Germany will help consumers purchase their favourite apps and games on Android Market even more easily without the need to enter credit card details. This will give developers direct access to millions of Android users who can now charge their Android Market purchases straight to their phone bills or prepay accounts.

The service will initially be ...

Vodafone Netherlands today announces Skylines (http://skylin.es/) as a finalist in the Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 contest. Skylines beat off serious competition from other Dutch start-ups, such as Repudo and 22 Tracks, in two local judging rounds, and will now go to head-to-head against six other country finalists to be in with a chance to win a share of the €225,000 prize fund.    

Skylines offers a search platform for real-time images. Combining data from social media like Instagram, and Yfrog Twitpic, Skylines indexes over one million photos a day. Skylines currently is available in a concept version on ...

Vodafone UK today announces that ParcelGenie has been selected as a finalist in the Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 contest. ParcelGenie (http://www.parcelgenie.com/) beat serious competition from other UK start-ups in two local judging rounds, and will now go head-to-head against six other country finalists to win a share of the €225,000 prize fund.    

ParcelGenie is the world’s first Instant Gift Messaging service that makes sending real gifts to friends and family almost as simple as sending an email or a text message. Customers can send a gift to someone using just their mobile number – no delivery ...

We are the first operator in Europe to have announced the introduction of the Vodafone channel on the Android Market. This will allow millions of customers across Europe to have access to exciting new Vodafone content quickly and easily and often exclusively or at promotional prices.  

So what does this mean for you, the developer?

This is different to the Vodafone Shop in that it’s not a complete retail experience but it is a branded, promotional window which is limited to 25 items.  This window will be used to showcase Vodafone’s own services complimented with select content from ...

In the week of the first EU Digital Assembly in Brussels, Vodafone Foundation is launching the Smart Accessibility Awards. This is a new competition to promote the development of IT applications designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities and older people to help them become more actively involved in society. 

The programme is supported and co-organized by AGE Platform Europe, the European network of around 160 organisations of and for people aged 50+, and the European Disability Forum (EDF), the NGO that represents the interests of 80 million Europeans with disabilities.

Launched in Brussels, the competition will award ...

With just three weeks to go before the Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 competition closes, the race is on across the internet start-up community to submit an entry and be in with the chance to win a share of the €225,000 prize fund. The closing date for entries is midnight on 12th June, 2011 CET.

This year’s panel of local and global judges includes Rudy de Waele, founder of Mobile 2.0 Europe and dotopen; Peter Barry, Vodafone Ventures; Paul Jozefak, Mobile VC; Reshma Sohoni; partner at Seedcamp and Lee Epting, Vodafone Group. Each judge will be scoring ...

All the headlines recently show that mobile network and smartphone privacy are a very hot topic (for a taste, see this latest furore over Apple’s collection of location data). Increased attention from regulators, advocates, the press and our customers is creating the perfect storm for privacy in the mobile ecosystem. To help stay on top of it all, our industry association GSMA has been working over the last year (with Vodafone’s strong support) to create a mobile privacy framework: the Mobile Privacy Initiative.

What’s happening in mobile privacy?

As part of the MPI, GSMA has released Privacy ...

Getting your app in front of users, converting visibility into downloads, and converting downloads into revenue, is an increasingly complicated trick to pull off.

Both stores and apps have rapidly proliferated. What used to be a problem of availability (if you weren't "on the deck" there was nowhere else to go) is now a problem of visibility (you're in the store, but no one is finding you).

To get you started we’ve created an article that pulls together some basic advice for app developers on why you should be marketing your app. Read the full article here ...

Intents are one of Android's "Big Ideas". From the beginning, Android was conceived as a "mobile mashup platform". We commonly think of mashups in a web context, as a "remix" UI displaying data from multiple services within a page. With apps, and Android, the opportunity is a little bit different, but the idea is the same – to enable developers to aggregate and build on the work of others, and to "stand on the shoulders of giants" when creating new apps.

In Android, "remixing" other apps to build your own app means re-using the functionality and UIs of other apps ...

New handsets you can test your apps on for FREE just added to the The Vodafone Handset Cloud service.

Now including the very latest Android handsets,

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (Android 2.3.1)
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
  • HTC Wildfire S
  • Samsung I9000 Galaxy S (Android 2.3.3)
  • HTC Desire S (Android 2.3.2)
  • HTC Desire HD (Android 2.2)

Today at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, we're delighted to announce the opening of Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011, an international contest to identify and develop the best, most innovative mobile internet start-ups.

Already known as the biggest start-up competition of its kind, this year’s Vodafone Mobile Clicks is open to seven markets. Any start-up in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Turkey or the United Kingdom that has a mobile site, service or application can compete for the €225,000 prize fund by submitting entries to www.vodafonemobileclicks.com

This year’s high-profile judges ...

On Saturday 16th April we hosted a developer day with our friends from Sony Ericsson and Ideaworks. We wanted to focus on 3D techniques for Android (did you ever think that the pressure API could be used to do something cool?) and the capabilities of the OpenGL libraries as well as a demo of the @airplaysdk from Ideaworks.

@erikhellman‘s presentation also talked about the different interaction methodologies we are using (i.e. touch vs. mouse), how that affects users, how sticking a 3D overlay on a 2D experience isn’t the way forward and also how 3D is not ...

Support for Live wallpaper

We’re pleased to announce that we can now accept your Live Wallpapers for Android. They will appear in the Vodafone Shop in the markets you select during the upload process and all you need to do is add the following line to your APK manifest file:

<uses-feature android:name="android.software.live_wallpaper"></uses-feature> 

If you have any questions about them then please post on our forums

Have fun!
The Vodafone developer team.

The Big M - Event Update

The Vodafone developer team always loves to get out on the road. And this week has been no exception, with the last couple of days spent at The Big M event here in Bath, where we were also a main sponsor. The Big M may be new on the developer event scene, but it still managed to line up two days of top level speakers covering a wide range of topics from HTML5 to user experience, monitzation and what the future holds.

Dan Appelquist (Vodafone) leads yesterdays' panel,

Yesterday's presentations were given by,

  • Raam Thakrar (@raamthakrar) - App distribution and ...

Vodafone developer and Sony Ericsson have joined forces to give a unique insight into creating 3D applications for Android. There will also be a workshop for developers to put some of these concepts into practice, as well as using the expert advice from the Vodafone developer and Sony Ericsson teams to help put the finishing touches to any existing Android projects.

When - Saturday, April 16, 2011 from 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM (GMT)

Where - Vodafone Offices, Paddington, London, United Kingdom

Find out more and register for FREE here.

Many thanks to everyone who completed our recent developer survey. This information is invaluable in helping us deliver the best possible developer experience.

I’d also like to congratulate our winners, Lee Stone and Jason Kenny who were randomly selected to win a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes signed shirt, and Hemal Shah who was our third selection and wins a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes signed cap. Well done to you all!

Please remember to regularly check our developer website for all the latest resources and tools.

Vodafone developer survey

Remember to take our developer survey and have the chance to win signed (by Lewis & Jenson) Vodafone McLaren Mercedes clothing. Only a few days left!

Through developer.vodafone.com and other developer engagement activities we want to deliver the best possible experience for developers going forward. But we need your feedback to help us achieve this. To gather this feedback we invite you to take our developer survey, which should only take a few minutes to run through. To encourage you, we'll be holding a random draw of all the survey entrants on the 28th February 2011, with the ...

Some of you may have picked up on the news from Mobile World Congress last week that we have entered into an agreement with Research In Motion (RIM) to provide operator billing for BlackBerry® App World(tm) later this year. With so many interesting announcements during the course of the show last week, we wanted to highlight this as it will no doubt be of interest to the community.

With 'Charge to Bill' for BlackBerry® App World™, consumers will have the flexibility of charging the cost of their app, or a payment within the app, directly to their bill. It ...

On 17 February 2011, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona / London, the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) announced the election of Lee Epting, Content Services Director, Vodafone Group, as the MEF EMEA Chair after being voted onto the MEF EMEA Board at this week's annual meeting in Barcelona. Epting will lead a newly elected team of MEF EMEA board representatives from mobile network operators as well as mobile content and advertising ecosystems - MTN, Qtel, Dolby, Buongiorno and InMobi - driving the organisation forward in supporting its members across the region.

Dolby's Head of Mobile Content Solutions, Jonathan Jowitt, and Qtel's Director ...

Earlier today (Wednesday 16 Feb 2010) Vodafone congratulated the winners of the Vodafone-sponsored GSMA mWomen Base of the Pyramid Apps Challenge at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2011. The competition is a key component of the GSMA mWomen Programme and has drawn high quality entries from developers across the world, seeking to provide original mobile solutions targeted at the specific needs of women in developing countries.

Vodafone's work with the GSMA mWomen Programme will help bring the socio-economic benefits of mobile to women in developing markets worldwide. The programme is a sizable public-private partnership between the global mobile industry ...

MWC day 1

The team arrived and got stuck straight into day one of MWC 2011. The usual long line of late registrations meant things only really started hotting up (despite the rain, this shouldn't happen in Barcelona, right?) from lunchtime on the show floors of the Halls.

But for Vodafone developer the day kicked off with a live TV opportunity first thing that set the tone for the rest of the day with healthy debate from Hemant Madan, Head of Vodafone developer and fellow panelists from Flirtomatic and doubleTwist.

The afternoon moved into a WAC event session (http://dmnnewswire.digitalmedianet.com ...

Getting ready for MWC

We're gearing up for the biggest mobile show of the year next week, Mobile World Congress (MWC). The team will be out in Barcelona and our big focus this year is all around mobile in emerging markets. Emerging markets represent significant opportunities for developers. It's amazing what a difference mobile can make to rapidly change the lives of those in developing countries, amongst women in particular. We're really keen to encourage innovation amongst our community to help meet the demands of those in emerging markets. Through this programme we're aiming to halve the 300 million gender ...

Ten tips for good widget code

If you have followed our widget samples series, you should have a good idea of what the JIL/WAC APIs can do for you, and how to use them in your code. The samples have covered a selection of JIL features like using the accelerometer, playing audio files, getting and displaying maps and location, and using the PIM APIs to display contacts from the address book.

As well as JIL-specific topics, the samples have also covered more general topics like how to structure a widget, and how to create dynamic overlays and multi-page widgets.

If you have looked at the ...

This is the last of the widgets in our Widget Samples series. All but the simplest widgets are likely to benefit from using multiple pages. The Multipage sample implements a two-page, list-based widget that demonstrates basic page building and switching techniques.

On launch, the widget displays a Navigation list; selecting an item from the list builds and switches to an appropriate details list; a back button returns the user to the main page. It's a simple example, but the techniques are universally useful. You can reuse the sample code as a starting point for your own projects.

The screenshots ...

Thanks to everyone for uploading your apps to the Vodafone Shop. We're seeing some great apps come through and are looking forward to seeing many more over the coming months.

As you know QA is a key part of the publication process and we wanted to pass on some tips to help you get your apps ready to pass through the QA process with ease. Below are the most common reasons for apps not passing QA first time, please take a moment to review these as they could save you a lot of time!

  • Apps using permissions they do ...

Are you developing a cool new mobile app? As a developer, you probably know how important it is to make sure that your app (native Android or widget) works properly and displays correctly not only in a simulator environment but also on real mobile handsets.

Well, the best news is that you can do this now via the “The Vodafone Handset Cloud” service. This service enables you to test your apps on REAL mobile handsets working in the Vodafone networks in Germany and in Italy.

Many current handsets are available, including the following that have just been added to the ...

Although this isn't a traditional developer event as such we thought you might be interested to learn about Vodafone's presence at the "Mobile for the Cultural Sector" event, 8-9 March 2011, London. At the event Jessica Gwyther, Global Content Manager - Vodafone,  will be debating how cultural institutions can exploit and make accessible their content on mobile?

The event focuses on mobile and the cultural sector. The event (organised by Culture Label, Camerjam and Spark) will explore the use of mobile technology by cultural organisations looking at the opportunities it offers to generate new content and revenue streams, communicate ...

Address Book sample widget

Our Widget Samples series continues with the Address Book sample widget, which demonstrates how to fetch and display address book entries from the phone's address book and launch actions from contact details. For example, selecting a phone number detail launches the phone dialler; selecting an email address detail launches the messaging editor.

The address book API is part of the JIL/WAC PIM API, which enables widgets to interact with the phone's on-board address book and calendar. For example, widgets can create new address book and calendar entries, search for and read existing entries ...

NextDB.net Database Form Utilities

NextDB.net Form Builder

NextDB.net is a JavaScript API for cloud database programming that enables web developers to build data driven web applications without any server side coding. To further simplify things, there is an abstraction layer on top of the JavaScript API to enable faster development by automatically creating HTML forms that connect to your NextDB.net account and takes care of many of the time consuming issues in web development. With one line of code you can add a database enabled HTML form to your page to execute inserts, updates or queries. This new library is based ...

Audio sample widget

Our Widget Samples series continues with the Audio sample widget, which demonstrates just how easy it is to add sound capabilities to your JIL apps and games. Whether you want to create a dedicated audio player, or add sound effects to a game or app, the JIL/WAC audio API is simple and easy to use, and supports play, pause, resume, stop, and repeat play, for local and remote files.

Common audio formats are supported including MP3, for high quality audio playback, and WAV (useful for samples and effects). Depending on the phone, MP4 (i.e. AAC ...