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Are you developing a cool new mobile app? As a developer, you probably know how important it is to make sure that your app (native Android or widget) works properly and displays correctly not only in a simulator environment but also on real mobile handsets.

Well, the best news is that you can do this now via the “The Vodafone Handset Cloud” service. This service enables you to test your apps on REAL mobile handsets working in the Vodafone networks in Germany and in Italy.

Many current handsets are available, including the following that have just been added to the cloud (includes 6 of the very latest Android handsets),

  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Desire Z
  • Samsung GT-I5510 Galaxy Mini Pro
  • Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung I9000
  • Nokia C5-03
  • Nokia C7

So don’t forget as a Vodafone developer you can use this service FREE OF CHARGE (sign-up here if you’re not already registered).

And once you've tested your app, why not publish to the Vodafone Shop and bring your apps to market with Vodafone to reach consumers in nine countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece and Russia. Find out more here.


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