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Five tips for successful mobile apps

With the recent launch of Vodafone AppSelect our customers are looking for apps that stand out from the crowd, and creating useful and innovative mobile apps isn't rocket science. In fact, the best recipe for success is surprisingly simple:

  • Match your own skills and interests to an everyday problem, and solve it better, or with a difference
  • Stay focused on the user experience
  • Pay attention to the details

To help get you on the right track we have a paper that offers five straightforward tips to help you plan and implement successful mobile apps, covering,

  • Tip 1—Solve a user problem
  • Tip 2—Differentiate your solution
  • Tip 3—Do one thing well
  • Tip 4—Use the power of mashups
  • Tip 5—Iterate and increment

Learn more about these tips and read the full paper here.


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