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The finals of the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility awards 2011 will be held this Monday, the 5th December in Brussels.

The competition opened in June and after the first round of Judging, the 12 finalists were announced on the 15th October. Here are a number of great stories on the topic of Smart Accessibility.

·  Apps for blind and partially sighted users: Independent developers are adding accessibility features to Android apps with exciting results

·  Mobile accessibility: setting the standard: Setting non-regulatory standards will help developers stick to the 'design for all' principle, securing investment for the future. John Galloway investigates

·  Top 10 steps towards making your mobile apps more accessible: Accessibility should be high on the priority list for app developers, but where to start? Here are some ideas

·  Technology that gives children a voice: A mobile phone is helping children who cannot communicate effectively through speech alone to gather data about what they have been doing during their school day

·  Accessibility is vitally important for people with disabilities and older mobile users: Should the mobile industry be talking more about accessibility? A new report on the number of disabled people worldwide could provide a powerful incentive to users and developers alike

·  Accessible mobile location services lead the way: Smartphones are responsible for a boom in location-based apps due to their GPS chips, which allow users to share their location with other apps

·  Smartphone technology as an accessibility platform: Much progress has been made, but experts say there is more work to do – particularly with a rapidly ageing population

·  Smart and accessible: new awards promote IT applications: Can you develop an app to make life easier for older people or people with a disability? If so, you could win €50,000

We will be announcing the winner on the evening of the 5th, so watch this space!


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