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Blog - Tag: smart

Following on from the great success of last year's competition the Vodafone Foundation has today launched the Smart Accessibility Awards, 2012. The competition calls for developers across Europe to design smartphone applications which take into consideration the needs of older people and people with disabilities.

The Smart Accessibility Awards are part of the Vodafone Foundation’s ‘Mobile for Good’ programme which supports initiatives around the world which use mobile technology to drive positive social change.  This year, the Vodafone Spain Foundation is running the pan-European competition, and will host the final in early December. 

The awards are supported and ...

The finals of the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility awards 2011 will be held this Monday, the 5th December in Brussels.

The competition opened in June and after the first round of Judging, the 12 finalists were announced on the 15th October. Here are a number of great stories on the topic of Smart Accessibility.

·  Apps for blind and partially sighted users: Independent developers are adding accessibility features to Android apps with exciting results

·  Mobile accessibility: setting the standard: Setting non-regulatory standards will help developers stick to the 'design for all' principle, securing investment for the future. John Galloway ...