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Hello all. I am trying to code a simple Java tool that would record the phone conversations into some format. Is there an API that allows the application to access the conversation voice data? Many thanks.

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19 Answers:


8 tools can make it easier to write great Java apps - and help you make your Java code even better.

It would also depend on the OS in question - for example, sound in Windows Mobile (2003SE / 5- not sure about previous versions) is routed in such a way that no-one has been able to record both sides of the conversation, to the best of my knowledge.
AFAIK There is no easy API of doing it in J2ME but there is a way use Symbian at the bottom to provide an API for recording and create socket connection onto handset itself from j2me layer to grasp the media files off the symbian layer That would of course limit to you to symbian phones

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