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The local Vodafone shop has been allowing me to use one of their K3565 dongles to see if I can use in with my laptop, loaded with the Debian Lenny Linux distribution. I can connect to the dongle, but cannot connect to the Vodafone ISP.

I wonder if the reason for no ISP connection is because the dongle is locked, as I have not paid for the dongle itself or for any on line time.

If the dongle is locked, can it be unlocked to test it at the shop before paying. Naturally if I can connect to the ISP I will pay the relevant charges.

6 Answers:

Hi Ken, Sorry for my delay to your post. The support we provide here is ad-hoc since Vodafone don't officially support Linux at the minute. From information you have provided you have a PAYT dongle wich should work fine. i.e. it's not locked (PIN or PUK locked) as far as I can tell. You seem to have credit, and it registers correctly given that the network responded to the *#100# message. The dongle + SIM should work with Linux. Software packages we have built and current are targetted for Ubuntu 10. If you are using a particular version of Debian you might not have the prerequisit libraries needed. However when you attempt to install it should already tell you this. Can we step back now that we know your SIM is fine and se if we can help you getting it working on a flavour of Linux? What current version and distribution of Linux are you using? Kind regards, Nicholas.
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Nicholas, On 2010-06-29 Tuesday I finally purchased the Vodafone K3565, aka Huawei E620. I removed the SIM card from the modem and installed it in a mobile phone, and as you had previously instructed made the following calls. *#100# returned the phone numbe "075-8547-8960". *#135# returned "Current Credit: #15.00". *#134# simply returned "#15:00". So it appears that Vodafone knows that I have bought and paid for the modem and that I have a £15 credit on it. The modem was however still locked. The person at the Vodafone shop where I purchased it did not know that it was locked, and consequently did not know how to unlock it. All he knows that if it is attached to a computer using a Windows operating system "It should work.", as he put it. He further said he only sells them, implicitly admitting that he -- and by extension Vodafone -- is not concerned whether anything sold to a customer works or not. I have not been in GB since 2010-07-01. In the meantime a friend in GB is using the modem in his laptop using a Windows operating system; so the Windows wizard must contain something which unlocks the modem. So now I have two questions: 1. Since the modem has been unlocked by attachment to a laptop with a Windows operating system, on return to GB could I now use it with my laptop using Linux? 2. How can a Linux user unlock a modem purchased by her/him without having to attach it to a computer using a Windows operating system? Ken
Nicholas, Further to my last post, one how-to site I found on line recently had this to say: "Before setting up your Vodaphone Broadband Connection please check that your contract has been enabled and that you have Data Credits on your account. "You can activate any top up vouchers or check your connection status on Vodaphone's Web Site. Your Vodaphone mobile number can be found on the card the SIM was attached too." I checked the phone number 07-5854-6714 (without the 9 in third place) with the Vodafone website; it is not registered with anybody. So I assume that the connection has not been set up; and so does not work. Yes? Ken
Hi Nicholas, I did as instructed, with the following results: *#100# returned the phone number: 079-5854-6714 *#135# returned: £PAYT is not available *#134# returned: #0.00 I am still inclined to think that something is preventing Vodafone from answering *99***1#, because all is well to that point. When the computer sends that code, is waits for a prompt which it does not get; consequently it terminates the connection. Regards, Ken Heard
Hi, is the dongle is a pay as you talk dongle stick it into a normal phone. Switch the phone on and check that you see it registered on the Vodafone Network. Dial the following number:
This will cause the network to respond with the phone number of the SIM. Assuming this works you can check how much calling credit you have by dialing:
If the display shows #0:00 this means you have no credit left. However you may have data left on your bundle. So you can now try the following:
This will tell you what you have left. You can top up if required with a voucher card for £5. Let's know how you get on. Kind regards, Nicholas.

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