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Welcome to The Vodafone labs playground!

Here you can find out about public facing trials, open source projects and technology that is being developed within Vodafone Group Research and Development. Currently there are five areas of work that have been categorised by us.

Connecting Machine to Machine

machine to machine url link

Find out what we are doing to connect machine to machine embedded controllers to our mobile network.

betavine books


An early precursor to eBooks using web services and html open standards to deliver a mobile application that renders popular open books with no copyright.

Vodafone Femtocells


A place where our open source femto cell code is kept and maintained

Vodafone Linux 3G Connection Manager


This is where the popular Linux connection manager source code and documentation is kept that was initially developed for netbooks. Its open source and contains binaries for several Linux distributions.

Vodafone Wayfinder Mapping Solution


The open source Wayfinder mapping solution that was originally developed for the Vodafone Samsung 360 handsets.