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[VF Mobile Widget Platform] Uploading an App/Widget for specific devices

...widgets that are submitted into the Betavine Widget Competition (including mine) are not specifically created with different screen sizes in mind (meaning incorporating a flexible design) or touch screen support (like the really nice EAGames widget which only responds to key navigation). So having the option to select the devices for which your widget is best suited will be more than appreciated by developers including me ;-) Best regards,Ernst

Dynamic icon

...widgets overview that you see when you start up the mobile widget manager. The use case that you describe sound to me more like something that you can realise by making use of the "docked mode" that widgets support. More information about this can be found here: http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/widget-modes-docked-widget-and-more/ and here: http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/adding-a-docked-mode-to-your-widgets/ When you run a widget in the Vodafone Apps Manager (which...

Forcing a mobile device/handheld to landscape?

...widgets over the past months ;-) The main difference between this forum and the dev.opera one regarding widgets is that the Betavine forum's widget category is mainly focussed on discussing widgets that are going to run on a mobile phone in the Vodafone Widget Runtime which is based on the Opera Widgets Runtime (also Web-Runtime widgets are discussed here). On the Opera forums you can also find a lot of useful stuff, but in some cases the information there is aimed at widgets running in th...

Widget SDK vs. JIL SDK

...widgets/research That is mainly a "Packager", that will help you to create a widget (either from scratch or based on two tutorial widgets), it also comes with the Opera Desktop and a s60 developer binary (that is enabled to do remote debugging) The JIL SDK comes with an eclipse IDE, and an emulator. The emulator can only run jil widgets, and the sdk is more in a beta stage. Therefore I recomend using the packager for building widgets, and at least have a look at the jil-sdk...

Does php works in widgets ?

Does php works in widgets ? Hi, I'm trying to develop a widget for my mobile! it consists in three pages! The first ( is the index of the widget ) is a html file with a form! The form has an action that send's information to a .php file on a remote server and it generates a page with results from a DB query and the widget is redirected to that page .. it's a good pratice ? what can i improve ? What should i do ? I only use php because i'm not very confortable with JS. Regards,Mike Hi Mike, ...

Opera version 10.51 (and probably higher) for Windows & Vodafone widget development

...widgets do not connect to the server any more. You can install the Widget Emulator, and then deploy your widget inside it. I have my own Ant file to copy the content of the widget to the deploy folder inside the emulator (my route is 'D:\\Documents and Settings\\EvolvE\\Configuración local\\Datos de programa\\Widget Emulator\\widgets\\'). When I make some change, I just have to click the deploy button in Eclipse, then the refresh button in the emulator, and that's all. Hope it helps I had the ...

Creating a great mobile widget user experience, find out how at MWC!

...widgets/user-experience-design/guidelines/getting-started-vodafone-360-widgets/">Vodafone User Experience Guidelines</a> and Mobile Widget Design Patterns.&#160;Before she joined Vodafone, she&#160;managed&#160;international user research projects and developed new&#160;research designs for communication technology and mobile services.</p>

Adding a ip adress in the widget packager

...widgets" do you know what shall I put in the archive section? The address is Thanks, André Lourenço I never used the widget packager and honestly I'm not planing to use it ever, because all the things it does can be done manually with even more control (I may be wrong). For instance, if you go to the config.xml and add that IP manually and try your widget, I bet it will work... Have you tried doing it manually? The other query: the archice section is where you uploa...

reload button widget

...widgets/apps do, you can just refresh some content by fetching it from a server. So there is no "reload/restart entire widget" command that can be executed. Best regards, Ernst

Some quick tips on Vodafone 360 widgets compatibility

...widgets compatibility We've been seeing a lot of widgets coming into the Vodafone 360 Shop app review queue recently that have incorrect config.xml files. Some of the widgets work OK (some of the time), but many do not. Here are some quick tips for avoiding issues now and in the future: Tip ... <p>We've been seeing a lot of widgets coming into the Vodafone 360 Shop app review queue recently that have incorrect config.xml files. Some of the widgets work OK (some of the time), bu...

Widget approval problem when the widget is minimized

Widget approval problem when the widget is minimized Hello, I cannot get approval because i get this errors: Your widget is failing again due to the same issues:* When the user launches the widget and minimizes it very rapidly, part of the widget is shown instead of the icon.* In landscape mode, the icon doesn't fit its space.* In portrait mode, when the widget is minimized, the icon is not centered. I've tested the widget in the opera emulator and in nokia navigator 6210 and the widget is wo...

Updated Vodafone Widget SDK now available - JIL 1.2 and Android support

...widgets</li><li>Convert between Opera and JIL 1.2 format widgets</li><li>Emulate JIL 1.2 format widgets</li><li>Test your widgets in Android device configurations</li><li>Deploy widgets directly to Android phones via USB</li></ul><p>Adding support for the JIL 1.2 format makes it easier to package widgets that are ready to <a href="http://developer.vodafone.com/develop-apps/widgets/publishing/">upload on JIL.org...

S60 Emulator and WM

...widgets" competition and I'd like to test widgets in thier "natural environment", but unfortunately, I don't have phone with Symbian. S60 Emulator available for download from Nokia website can't run "Mobile widget manager" - I've read that I'd need version compiled for this emulator (WINSCW). Is there any way to run this manager in emulator (is there WINSCW version available) ? By the way, I have phone running Windows Mobile, and Opera widget manager (from Opera 9.5 m...

Testing a widget

Testing a widget Hello, Im trying to install my widget in a nokia 6210 navigator. The phone recognize the .wgt as a "zip" file and i can see all the files of my widget. The problem is that it is not recognizes as a widget but like a normal compressed file width some files inside. I've tried to send the file by bluetooth and even put the widget on a server and make a download directly to the phone. Does i need to install anything on the mobile in order for it to reconize the widget?...

<nocursor/> and landscape mode on phones.

and landscape mode on phones. Hi, I am testing my widget on a Nokia N95. The widget has <nocursor/> tag specified for navigation. When I orient the phone to be in landscape mode, more often than not the keyboard focus gets stuck. It just does not move away from the element currently parked on. It could be on any element of the widget, no favorites here. It simply gets stuck. Thing to note is that the widget is still working, "clicking" on the element you are stuck on will exec...

Are the widgets scrollable?

...widgets scrollable? I don't got any cellphone to test this, but when I run it as an opera widget, I'm able to scroll the widget when it exceeds page size. So the question is this: Is it possible to scroll the widget when running it on a phone? Lets say i have a widget 220x220, and I have an active content of 900x220. Will the user be able to scroll so that he can see the rest of the information being displayed? Hi fmsf, It is certainly possible to have a user scroll through widget content. ...

Widget icon doesn't appear

...widgets.opera.com. That should definitely show its icon whe dragged onto Opera. And on my mobile I can't get the icon to appear either, I get the default one there too. The fact that other widgets (which you download via the Opera Widget Manager on your mobile) do have an icon might have to do with how they are made available for download... Regards, Marco

experience with betavine

...widgets and they are able to be distributed or published in different markets. How does that work exactly? Thanks again, Alan

Size of the docked widget

...Widgets SDK. More about the Widget Emulator can be read here: http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/widget-emulator/ About docked mode the following is stated: "...The widget can be put in docked mode, also known as micro mode, to see what it looks like when this mode is enabled on a device..." Best regards, Ernst

Get your widgets ready for Android

...widgets/tools-resources/">developer.vodafone.com/develop-apps/widgets/tools-resources/</a>): <ul><li>Android phones loaded in Perfecto Mobile system for remote testing <strong>available now!</strong></li><li>Debug-enabled, SIM unlocked build of Apps Manager to install on Android 1.6/2.1 phones <strong>coming soon</strong>!</li><li>Updated Vodafone WDK emulator with pre-defined Android configurations <strong>coming s...

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