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Vodafone Internet by Opera Mini

What is Opera Mini?

Opera Mini is a free, downloadable Internet browser for mobile phones. Already, over 76 million users worldwide use the product, and it is especially popular in emerging markets. Vodafone Internet by Opera Mini is further enhanced to support widgets. Widgets can be installed on one of the 30 Opera Mini Speed Dial dials.

What benefits does it offer?

  • It reduces browsing costs by up to 90% due to server-side compression, removing the price barrier.
  • It offers page-load times that are 7 times faster and a PC-like browsing experience (the real Internet).
  • It is free and easy to download to more than 300 phones, predominantly mid- and low-tier devices.
  • It is available for Java phones, Vodafone-branded phones, Android, S60 and BlackBerry.
  • Vodafone Internet by Opera Mini 5 is enhanced by the ability to run widgets.
  • Since February 2009 Vodafone Internet by Opera Mini has reached 6 million downloads, giving developers a huge potential platform on which to develop.

Launch Markets

Vodafone Internet by Opera Mini is launched in South Africa, Turkey, India, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, MTS Russia, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand. 

More about widgets

  • Widgets on Opera Mini are essentially shortcuts directly to content the user wants.
  • Relevant content and services are delivered through one-click access from a simple interface.
  • Widgets offer a powerful and convenient way for the user to be directly in touch with what they want online without having to navigate the full Web.
  • Widgets offer users single-use case, ease of use, and intuitive and graphically rich experiences.
  • Widgets are easy for developers to create using standard web technologies.

How can I get started building widgets for Opera Mini?

Widgets that run on Opera Mini are built using the same web technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) as regular widgets so you can get started by taking a look at our Widget developer resources . There you’ll find getting started guides, tutorials and code samples.

Once I’ve built my Opera Mini widget how can I bring it to market?

We are currently working on providing a means to bring your Opera Mini widgets to market with Vodafone. Watch this space where we will be making an announcement as soon as this is available.