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Vodafone Developer

We’re creating a new way for developers to work directly with Vodafone and our partners. Our new developer marketplace will help you build telco functionality into your products, enable fleets of IoT devices, deploy low latency computing at the edge of the network, and more.


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Messaging and identity

Reduce fraud and mitigate identity theft. Deliver A2P messages directly to Vodafone’s 500+ million subscribers and beyond.

5G and edge computing

Deploy ultra-low latency applications directly inside the Vodafone 5G network.

IoT and devices

Global connectivity and end to end solutions for IoT devices and applications.

Everything you’ll need to build with Vodafone

Whether you’re an aggregator connecting your customers to Vodafone or you’re integrating Vodafone technology directly into your products, our developer marketplace will give you the OpenAPI specifications, documentation, and support you need.

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“Our customer in the KYC/AML sector benefited from an 8% uplift in positive identities created as a result of using MNO match attributes in their data mix as well as a reduction in fake and fraudulent accounts being created.”

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