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Entry Criteria

Who is allowed to participate in this contest?

  • Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 is open to all mobile-related start-up companies, businesses, institutions and all other organisations in the joining countries of this years' competition.
  • Participants must be or must have the intention to become a start-up enterprise/business in the field of mobile internet products or services.
  • Each participant may submit only one entry. Previous entries from Mobile Clicks are allowed to participate again.
  • The enterprise/business cannot be older than 3 years since its inception. An enterprise or business older than 3 years may enter the competition provided that the concept entry will become a new entity (a holding may enter only ONE entity).
  • The enterprise/business must have an annual turnover of less than €500k per annum.
  • Concepts are not allowed (a demonstrable solution will be required).

Definition of “mobile”
What kind of entries are eligible for Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011? Entries may be linked to the concept of mobile and mobile infrastructure in the most broad sense of the word and are not restricted to only mobile phones. Every device or infrastructure that is related to “mobility” may be considered to enter the competition. Think about mobile content, iPad apps, widgets, design, sites or services leveraging/integrating mobile technology.

At Vodafone we recognise that confidentiality plays a huge part in any organisation, especially in the start-up world. This is why Vodafone will ensure your entry is kept confidential and will not seek to own any IP (intellectual property) from your entry.

  • All entries are confidential and will not be distributed outside of this competition.
  • Vodafone does not seek to own any  intellectual property in relation to entries for the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition.
  • Any applications submitted as part of the competition can be used by Vodafone for distribution, advertising and promotion in relation to the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition.
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions before you register. It consists of two parts:
    1. The competition (Please read this very carefully)
    2. Terms & Conditions specifically for Mobile Widgets (Only relevant in case you want to enter a widget for the competition)

If you still have some concerns about Vodafone Mobile Clicks, please contact: vmc2011@vodafone.com

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