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Selection Process

Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 consists of three jury rounds.

As in previous years of Vodafone Mobile Clicks we will uphold very high standards of integrity, objectivity and completeness to select the best mobile internet start-ups around. This means that in all jury rounds there is a fair mix of Vodafone and non-Vodafone jury members.

We respect your time and trust in our competition. This also means that you can ask us about the specific ratings of our jury as a whole. This valuable feedback can be used by you and your start-up to boost your proposition and marketing efforts. We are glad to help you as a start-up in this respect.

All entries will be evaluated in all three jury rounds based on the same five selection criteria with equal weighting:

  1. Originality, creativity and innovativeness
  2. Technical and operational feasibility
  3. Economic and financial viability
  4. Value to end-users
  5. The quality of the management team (e.g. their experience, knowledge, skills, relationships)

The Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 contest consists of three different jury rounds:

Round 1 Judging: Jun 13 – Jul 3
  • Who
    • Four Local judges [including Vodafone Representatives and local experts]
    • Two Global judges [Rudy de Waele + Yuri van Geest: Mobile experts] 
  • What: Each judge will individually review each local entry online, based on the published criteria
  • Result: The top five start-ups for each country will be identified
    • 35 in total for the seven participating countries
Round 2 Judging: Jul 11 – Aug 31
  • Who: Same judges as round 1
  • What: All six judges will discuss the final five start-ups for each country in depth
  • Result: One local finalist will be selected [seven in total for all countries]
Public vote: Aug 31 - Sept 12

Between August 31st and Sept 12th 2011 there will be a voting period in which the public can vote for their favourite finalists. The vote will count as one additional jury member in the final at PICNIC.

Final Judging Round: Sept 15 - 16
  • Who: Internationally renowned jury - Rudy de Waele, founder of Mobile 2.0 Europe and dotopen; Peter Barry, Head of VC and Start-up at Vodafone Ventures; Paul Jozefak, Managing Partner at Mobile VC; Reshma Sohoni, Partner at Seedcamp, and Lee Epting, Director of Content Services at Vodafone Group
  • What: Two rounds of presentations. First day each finalist will present to the judges for 20-30 minutes. Second day (main final sessions), each finalist will present 5 minutes. Judges will then discuss all entries
  • Result one winner and two runner ups will be identified
Final Judging Round and Competition End at PICNIC 2011 (NL) : Sept 16
  • PICNIC is Amsterdam's leading annual international event, highlighting creativity and innovation, particularly in media, entertainment and technology. For more information on PICNIC go to http://www.picnicnetwork.org

We invite you to participate in the largest mobile internet start-up contest of its kind in the world. Get connected, receive valuable feedback from a world class jury team and aim for the €225,000 prize money. Power to You!

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