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Safaricom Developer page is Live!

For developers in Kenya, please go to Safaricom Developer page to upload your applications onto the store

appStar winners crowned in Kenya!!

Thousands of you registered and submitted your apps. 

8 apps from 4 countries were nominated to contest in the international round at Nairobi, Kenya. Of course, there was only one appStar, Automs.gs, developed by Mukangu Bernard who was awarded the prize on December 18th 2013.

More info on local and International contest winners, 

Please visit : http://vodafoneappstar.com/InternationalWinners.aspx 

Vodafone India announces unique monetizing opportunities for Developers!

Vodafone India's developer platform enables you to connect seamlessly with Vodafone India to offer operator billing that will allow millions of customers of Vodafone India to pay for the app or any content using their mobile phone

Check out partner.vodafone.in .

Innovation Through Collaboration

Innovation through Collaboration’is an event Series conceptualized by Vodafone to stimulate collaboration amongst industry participants..

Vodafone Developer Program organizes Bi-monthly event with focus on 1 vertical or topic at a time to understand user needs and challenges, share learnings. Participants for these event series include Domain Experts, Technology Experts, Researchers from industry & academia, Mobility Entrepreneurs & Users.

Blog - latest entries

New Year brings good news! 

In an industry first initiative in India, we have launched a unique platform to get your apps integrated with our back end systems at Vodafone ...

Get your app the Star status now!!!Description: Dreaming of becoming an appStar!!

We are glad to present you with this great opportunity to get your cool and innovative apps recognized and rewarded across several countries ...

During the last MoMoB event at Vodafone Developer Program office in Bangalore on 24th Aug 2013, we had announced ‘Innovation through Collaboration’ series of talks focusing on one sector at ...

Following the closure of AppSelect last year, we have now concluded activities related to the shutdown of this service. As a result, the SIS upload portal has been closed and ...

Following on from our recent announcement of the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards winners we are also delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural Vodafone App Star Challenge! The ...

Click here to visit the full blog.

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