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Bring your code closer to your end users by building directly with Vodafone. With our new self-service APIs and infrastructure, we’re making it easier than ever to identify, communicate with, and deliver services to people and businesses across the world.

How our solutions can help you

For the past few years, Vodafone has been exploring how data from our mobile networks can be used by others to create new and better products and services.

The Vodafone Developer Marketplace is a single place for developers around the world to discover and use APIs that solve significant business challenges. These solutions reduce complexity, and enable developers to start testing and deploying quickly and efficiently.


Growth within ecommerce, combined with a rise in identity theft and cybercrime, means it's more important than ever before for businesses to be able to verify users. This is especially true for ecommerce that's carried out via mobile devices. 

Vodafone provides a portfolio of Identity APIs that help our business customers verify and authenticate end users. They also remove friction from the user experience, by leveraging Vodafone's data to verify end user attributes and access real time signals.


Identity Examples

You can use Vodafone's Identity APIs to verify and authenticate end users before they purchase an item or service from you. Our APIs enable you to combine multiple network and account data points to decide how much you trust a particular user at any given moment.

They can help you when you want to grant access to age-restricted products and services without interrupting the user flow.

You can also use the APIs to create a seamless user registration experience using the SIM card and network to verify a user’s identity.


CAMARA Examples

Use Number Verify (CAMARA) to provide more seamless onboarding to apps and digital services. Users don't need to use SMS OTP, or email, during the registration process. This speeds up the process for user registration or re-registration, password-free logins, and password resets.

Use SIM Swap (CAMARA) to build a confidence score around a user’s identity by telling you when that number was last swapped from one SIM card to another. This can reduce fraud.

CAMARA Identity

Vodafone offers a range of identity APIs that comply to the CAMARA standard. CAMARA APIs work across multiple telco networks and countries.

This approach simplifies telco network complexity, reduces costs, accelerates technology development, and supports application portability.


With over 950 operator members of the GSMA and an increasing number of access technologies, the traditional peering model for SMS interconnection has become increasingly complex. 

The Vodafone SMS Messaging Interface simplifies SMS management and consolidates access to Vodafone’s extensive network of customers and beyond. 


Messaging Examples

SMS messaging remains a highly effective communication tool, due to its wide reach and high open rates.

Vodafone's SMS Messaging Interface enables Web applications to send SMS messages to one or more recipients in a single request. For example, sending promotional offers, advertisements, and marketing messages to a broad audience.

Use it as part of your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) process. For example, sending one-time codes or authentication messages to users for secure access to accounts or transactions.

Enterprises also use SMS messaging to send notifications, alerts, and updates to customers or employees. For example, order confirmations, shipping notifications, and appointment reminders.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing brings data storage and computing resources closer to where they are most needed: the edge of the network.

Paired with Vodafone's high-speed generation networks, this means you can gain a competitive edge: make millisecond decisions when they matter most, with connectivity that scales with your needs.

Coming soon

Ethernet Wireline

Drive internal efficiency when managing enterprise connectivity by automating the quote and order process for Vodafone's scalable and secure high-bandwidth Ethernet Wireline solution.

Benefits for your business

You can take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Vodafone's APIs to stay competitive and innovative in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our goal is to offer solutions that work in a standardised way across different countries.

The Vodafone Developer Marketplace gives you the ability to enhance customer engagement, respond to identity theft and cybercrime, and streamline your operations. This can result in both cost efficiencies and new revenue streams.

Are you ready to start?

You can start building with Vodafone by registering for your free developer account. Each API has a sandbox for you to test and interact with it, without affecting your production data or systems. 

See our Get Started page.


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