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Build digital user identities

Use network and account data to build robust digital identities.

Create single click multi-factor authentication workflows, reduce fraud,

and confirm user profile information, all while reducing UX friction.

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Protect against fraud

Build a 360 degree identity picture using account and network data.

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Remove friction

Silently verify user identity using their phone number and SIM card.

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Boost sign-up rates

Improve conversions by up to 25% compared to one-time passwords delivered by SMS.


Improve security and user experience

Keep your users and your company safe doesn’t have to mean a messier user experience.

Identity is at the heart of every user relationship. Our APIs bring you closer to your users by helping you to develop a rounded picture of who they are and by protecting them when malicious actors attempt to impersonate them.

Number Verify

Improve security and user experience with Number Verify. When someone logs in, silently and securely check whether the phone number they provide matches the device they’re currently using.

SIM Swap

Protect your users from account hijacking. SIM Swap tells you when the device’s phone number last moved from one SIM card to another. That allows you to make further checks if you suspect that an unauthorised person has gained control of that SIM.


Reduce fraud and friction in the user registration flow with the Match API. Match lets you verify information provided by new users, such as name, address, and date of birth, against their Vodafone customer profile.

Age Verify

Seamlessly verify a customer’s eligibility for age-restricted products and services.


Call Divert

Reduce the risk of call divert fraud by checking whether a phone number’s calls are forwarded to another.

Number Recycle

Find out when a phone number was last deactivated and then assigned to a new subscriber. Matching that date against your user profile data helps build a picture of whether the number is still under your customer’s control.


Verify how long someone has been a customer (subscriber) on the Vodafone mobile network. If they have been a Vodafone subscriber for a long time, your trust score should be higher.

MVNO Discovery for Vodafone

MVNO Discovery For Vodafone enables an Aggregator to perform a pre-check before calling KYC, as the operator may hold no information on such a customer.

Number Lookup for Vodafone

Number Lookup For Vodafone provides a discovery API for identifying if Vodafone is the current manager/owner of the MSISDN.

What you can build with Vodafone’s identity APIs

Verify user age seamlessly

Some apps and websites, such as those from the drinks industry, are limited to adults only. But asking someone’s age can be awkward because it’s hard to prove an app user’s age while also providing them with a smooth user experience. Do you ask for their passport? How about their driving licence?

If an individual is a Vodafone postpaid customer, you can instead use the Age VerifyAPI to confirm whether or not they are an adult.

Build an identity confidence score


Identity can be tricky to pin down. Are a username, password, and phone number enough? Rather than relying only on one or two methods, you can draw on multiple data points to build a user identity confidence score.Using the Number Verify API, you can check whether the phone number someone has provided matches that of the device they’re currently using. But is a mismatch the end of the story? Perhaps not. What if it’s the right number but no longer under the control of the rightful user? Here are some of the ways you can use network and account data to build a richer understanding of who a person is.

  • SIM Swap: Check when a number last moved from one SIM card to another. This can help protect against malicious account takeovers.
  • Number Recycle: Find out when a number was last recycled from someone else to the current user. If the number was recycled since your user first registered, you might challenge them for more proof.
  • Check account information: As a mobile operator, we also hold account profile information on each of our subscribers. You can use that, through the Match API, to verify the personal information provided by your users and all without having to actually transmit that personal information.

Simplify User Registration


User onboarding is one of the most important UX flows you’ll implement. Your new users want to jump in and get their hands on your app. Introduce too much friction and your conversion rates will plummet. But with too little scrutiny you’re open to increased fraud.

Multi-factor authentication helps but forces your new users to switch context.Whether it’s fetching a one time password from an SMS or an authenticator app, the flow is interrupted and your user’s attention is at risk

Number Verify uses the mobile device itself as a silent “something you have” factor, checking the device’s phone number in the background. Here’s how Number Verify improves on traditional multi-factor authentication methods:

  • Invisible to the user: Number Verify works in the background, using the mobile network and SIM card to confirm the number provided matches that of the device. There’s no need for the user to switch away to another app.
  • No apps, no special hardware: Everything the user needs is already in their hands. There’s nothing to download and no extra device to carry.
  • Low latency: Verification takes less than two seconds.
  • Boosts conversion rates: Up to 25% increase in conversions compared to sending codes by SMS

Improve the security and convenience of how you confirm user identity

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