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Simplify SMS Delivery

Reliable, high quality, secure delivery of Application-to-Person (A2P), Person-to-Person (P2P) and

Person-to-Application (P2A) SMS messaging.

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Single interface

A single technical connection enabling service providers to reach Vodafone’s local market network and more.


Protect against fraud

Advanced fraud, spam and number spoofing protection to eliminate unsanctioned traffic, protecting your brand and commercial integrity.


Receive message notifications

Send messages with confidence, knowing that successful delivery is confirmed by our delivery receipts.


Advanced digital capability

Manage send rate throttling, segmentation and message character sets directly through the API.

With over 950 operator members of the GSMA and an increasing number of access technologies, the traditional peering model for SMS interconnection has become increasingly complex.


Vodafone's messaging solution addresses these challenges by offering a unified gateway for all your A2P, P2P, and P2A SMS messages in order to reach Vodafone's extensive network of customers and beyond.

SMS Send

Send messages from a defined sender address. Apply message rate-throttling to limit the per-second submission rate and segment longer messages for consolidation in the recipient device.

Delivery Status and Notifications

Request the status of submitted SMS message blocks with returned, standardised delivery states. Subscribe to receive delivery receipt call-back notifications into your application so you can confirm delivery to the intended target recipient.

SMS Receive

Retrieve messages sent to your registered address via an on-demand API call. Subscribe to receive notifications of new messages waiting for collection to enable automated message retrieval directly from your application.

What you can build with Vodafone’s Messaging APIs?

Automated SMS Distribution


Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging is a method of SMS communication in which a text is transmitted from a software application operated by an organisation to a consumer's device.


In P2P (Person-to-Person) messaging, a singular message is transmitted from one individual to another. Conversely, A2P facilitates the dissemination of the same message to a significantly larger audience. Networks manage this traffic differently, and an increasing number of global regulators impose restrictions to prevent the transmission of an extensive volume of unsolicited messages. 


Vodafone’s messaging solution ensures compliance to in-country regulations and operator needs, ensuring adherence to international messaging standards against global numbering plans.


Typical Use Cases

Typical use cases for A2P messaging include:

  • Business Notifications: Enterprises use A2P messaging to send notifications, alerts, and updates to customers or employees. For example, order confirmations, shipping notifications, and appointment reminders.
  • Customer Service: Businesses deploy A2P messaging for customer support, allowing users to interact with automated systems for information retrieval and issue resolution.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): A2P messaging is commonly employed for sending one-time codes or authentication messages to users for secure access to accounts or transactions.
  • Marketing and Promotions: Companies use A2P messaging to send promotional offers, advertisements, and marketing messages to a broad audience. 

Simplify Customer SMS Interaction


SMS remains one of the most popular methods of communication across devices on a mobile network, as the simplicity and ease of reach continue to be unique features not available via any other messaging application today.


Nevertheless, the P2P SMS industry encounters significant challenges. With over 950 mobile operators employing diverse messaging solutions and access technologies, the task of managing numerous point-to-point relationships across multiple networks becomes exceedingly complex and resource-intensive.


Vodafone's messaging API can be used by aggregators, hyperscalers, and other network operators to simplify P2P SMS management and consolidate access to Vodafone's extensive network of customers through a single interface.


Typical Use Cases

Typical use cases for P2A messaging include:

  • Surveys and Feedback: P2A messaging can be used to gather feedback, conduct surveys, or collect information from users.
  • Subscription Services: Get SMS instructions for managing account-related updates on subscription-based platforms like streaming, gaming, e-learning, news and media services
  • Productivity Tools: users of productivity tools and project management platforms can use P2A messages to respond to task reminders, project updates, and important service related announcements.
  • Emergency Alerts: enable your audience to reply to alerts and provide a positive response to notification of emergencies and critical events.

Simplify SMS Delivery

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