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Computing Power

Where It's Needed,

When It's Needed

Speed up response times and lose the lag with Vodafone’s Edge Computing solutions. Optimise applications that need the lowest possible latency between request and response.

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Low latency access

When milliseconds are the advantage, lose the lag with connectivity to the platform, by using Vodafone’s dedicated low latency APN

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User-friendly portal

Manage and get control of your IoT SIM estate with ease: visualise data usage, order and manage your SIMs

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Aggregated 4G and 5G enabled data across multi-SIM deployments, with the flexibility of 30-day rolling and 12-month terms

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Service reporting

Know what matters: stay informed and empowered with automated notifications and alerts for data usage across your estate

Deliver experiences that were once impossible with Edge Computing.


Your business will be able to respond in a matter of mere milliseconds, bringing once-impossible outcomes to reality.


Imagine real-time insights at the edge of emergency networks that can save lives, or serving up amazing synchronised social experiences.


Revolutionise how you do business by bringing the cloud closer to the devices that need it. 


It's time to make the impossible possible - with the cloud of the future.

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Simple Edge Discovery

Simple Edge Discovery is a CAMARA-compliant API that returns the name of the closest network operator's Edge Computing platform to a user's device. 


Network operators might host multiple Edge Computing (MEC, or 'Edge') platforms in a given territory. Connecting your application to a server on the closest Edge Computing platform means packets travel the shortest distance between endpoints.


This normally results in the lowest round-trip latency.

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What You Can Build With Vodafone’s Edge Computing APIs?

What you could do


Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Download movies much faster and stream games without any interruptions.
  • Enjoy VR on the go without wires or nausea-inducing lag.
  • Carry out remote surgery in near real time using robotic arms.
  • Conduct live holographic phone calls.
  • Benefit from AR guidance and training via smart glasses or car windscreens.
  • Help drones co-operate in emergency situations.
  • Enable driverless cars to communicate with each other and smart city infrastructure (such as traffic lights) more efficiently.

Customised connectivity experiences


Network slicing is a new way of delivering customised connectivity experiences.


It enables companies like Vodafone to create several different virtual networks on the same physical equipment.


Most importantly, these virtual networks are isolated from each other, which means one cannot impact the performance of another.

Bring Computing Power Closer To Where It’s Needed, When It's Needed

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