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The CAMARA Sandbox

Supported by the Linux Foundation and in close collaboration with the GSMA, CAMARA is an open-source project that aims to provide developer friendly APIs that will harmonise API requirements and definitions across multiple participating operators.

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Vodafone supports the CAMARA API project

As a premier member of the operator alliance, Vodafone is helping shape the future of API connectivity under a common framework. Exposing telco capabilities in an open, intuitive, and programmable way will enable developer communities to create innovative services using our advanced network capabilities.

What is the CAMARA alliance?

The Linux Foundation launched the CAMARA project during the 2022 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as a global API alliance between telco operators and partners, aiming to create an open-source community to address interoperability in the telco industry's APIs.

CAMARA works in collaboration with the GSMA Operator Platform Group to align API requirements and publish API definitions, delivering standardised API specifications and developer-friendly documentation. This agile approach helps to accelerate API innovation, facilitate developer adoption, and deliver improved time to market.

What APIs are in scope for CAMARA?

The CAMARA project works to publish standardised definitions of priority service APIs that demonstrate the highest market potential for developers. 

Santiago Tenorio, Director of Vodafone Network Architecture says: 

"Today’s mobile networks have vast capabilities that go well beyond basic connectivity. Open network APIs that harness the power and scale of our network are an opportunity for true innovation.

Vodafone is providing its product creators and software engineers, as well as third-party developers and businesses outside Vodafone, with access to these new software-driven capabilities to create significant new services.

Whether it is helping banks detect unusual transactions, enabling safer flight paths for emergency drones or prolonging the battery life of smartphones, innovation is returning to the network.”

How can CAMARA APIs help you?

Consistency - APIs built to standardised specifications help reduce costs

  • Developers want APIs that work across multiple operator networks.
  • CAMARA APIs have a consistent ‘look and feel’ to promote deployment by CSPs and adoption by developers.
  • Developers don’t have to build apps that cater for the differences of each network, thus reducing integration testing costs.

Simplicity - Developer-friendly APIs that simplify complexity

  • CAMARA APIs are easy to consume for developers, with limited telco expertise.
  • CAMARA helps control the provision of these APIs via automated verification checks.
  • Managed updates provide visibility of future changes agreed via the GSMA Operator Platform Group.

Accessibility – Improved time to market

  • CAMARA project is open sourced in the Linux Foundation.
  • Open source encourages rapid development of APIs, and development and testing tools.
  • This facilitates operator deployment, developer uptake, and an improved time to market.

Explore our CAMARA APIs

Available in:
  • DE
  • ES

NumberVerify (CAMARA)

  • CAMARA Identity


Number Verify (CAMARA) enables you to check if the mobile number of a device accessing an online service or app matches the one provided by the customer.

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