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Age Verify1.1.1

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Age Verify Overview

The Age Verify API resource allows you to check whether a customer is eligible for age-restricted products and services. Vodafone only holds age details for certain customers, and there are some limitations:

  • The MSISDN must be a postpaid Vodafone account.
  • The MSISDN must not belong to a family account (i.e. accounts with two or more MSISDNs), or a business account.


Eligibility Checks

  • It provides a frictionless age verification experience for the user.

Age Confirmation

  • It is the fastest way to verify a user's age¬†compared to traditional alternatives.

Technical Information


Beta version for sandbox publication.



URLs for Sandbox and Production environments



Key Features

  • Cuts the risk of under-aged users accessing age-restricted content or buying age-restricted products
  • Verify someone's age with just their phone number

How It Works

  1. A customer is shopping online and puts an age-restricted item in their basket.
  2. The customer is notified on the website (or app) that they must verify their age and insert their mobile phone number (MSISDN).
  3. The website sends an SMS to the customer to confirm their age.
  4. The customer clicks the link contained in the SMS to prove possession of the phone number.
  5. The website sends an Age Verify request to Vodafone.
  6. Vodafone responds with True/False as to whether the MSISDN belongs to someone 18 or older.

Use Case Examples

  • Verifying a user's age before they buy alcohol online
  • Verifying a user's age before they access age-restricted content

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