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SIM Swap (CAMARA)0.4.0

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SIM Swap (CAMARA) is a CAMARA-Compliant API that enables you to verify that a SIM card has not recently been swapped. 

Fraudsters can use social engineering techniques to get users to give them control of a mobile number. Sim Swap fraud is also known as Unauthorised Account Takeover. 

The SIM Swap API enables you to act before fraudsters have the chance to change passwords or withdraw funds from your customers' accounts.

Partners can use the API to verify that the SIM card has not recently been swapped (and potentially under the control of a fraudster).


CAMARA is an open-source project to publish standardised definitions of telco network APIs that work across multiple networks in a single country.

CAMARA enables easy and seamless access by making the APIs available across telco networks and countries. This approach also simplifies telco network complexity, reduces costs, accelerates technology development, and supports application portability.

Technical Information


Beta version for sandbox publication.



URLs for Sandbox and Production environments



Key Features

Sim Swap provides information (a timestamp) of the last time the SIM was swapped or ported.

The API provides two operations:

  • retrieve-date
    • Provides timestamp of most recent SIM swap.
  • check
    • Checks if a SIM swap has been performed during a past period (defined in the request with the 'maxAge' attribute).

How it works

  1. A customer tried to re-activate their banking app.
  2. The website (or app) sends a SIM Swap request to Vodafone.
  3. Vodafone responds with information (a timestamp) on the last time the SIM was changed, e.g. "latestSimChange": "2024-01-05T23:56:02.471Z".
  4. The website (or app) can allow or deny the user's actions based on the timestamp information provided by the API.

About Vodafone

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