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MVNO Discovery For Vodafone1.1.1

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MVNO Discovery API Overview

MVNO Discovery is an API that enables an Aggregator to perform a pre-check before calling our Know Your Customer API (which is called Match).

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) are wireless communications services providers that use the wireless network infrastructure of providers such as Vodafone to provide its services to its customers. In this situation, Vodafone doesn't have that customer's information (e.g. their name and address) in our CRM database.

MVNO Discovery can be used in conjunction with Vodafone's Match (KYC) API. If the number belongs to Vodafone network, you can then call the Match API and get more information about the MSISDN . For example: confirm the user's name, address, or contract duration.

Technical Information


Beta version for sandbox publication.



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Key Features

  • If the mobile number is currently managed by an MVNO on the Vodafone network, it returns a 'true' response.
  • If the mobile number is NOT currently managed by an MVNO on the Vodafone network, it returns a '400' error code.  

How it works

  1. Either:
    • An Aggregator wants to check if Vodafone can do a KYC check before they make the request to the Match API; or
    • A customer called the Match API first, and they didn't receive a match. They want to call the MVNO Discovery API to check why they didn’t receive a match to their request. For example, the reason might be because the Subscriber belongs to a MVNO rather than Vodafone.
  2. The Service Provider sends the MSISDN to the MVNO Discovery API.
  3. The MVNO Discovery API checks in real-time whether the phone number is managed by an MVNO on the Vodafone Network.
  4. The API responds with True/False (400 error) as to whether the number is currently managed by an MVNO on the Vodafone network .
  5. The customer can use this information to decide whether to make a subsequent request to the Match API.  For example: If the response was that the MSISDN belonged to an MVNO, they wouldn't make that request, because they know Vodafone doesn't have the Subscriber details.

Note: Bearer Authentication is required to perform the request. See the Additional Information page for more information.

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