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Call Divert1.1.1

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Call Divert Overview

Call Divert can help in calculating the risk of "Call divert fraud". Call divert fraud is a technique that fraudsters use to take over a victim's account.

Fraudsters use social engineering techniques to get users to install fraudulent software onto their mobile devices. The software forces the mobile device to divert incoming calls to a fraudster's number. 

Once call divert is enabled, the fraudster might pretend to be the victim and convince the fraud department of a financial institution to let a payment or bank transfer go through.  

You can use the API to get information about the current call forwarding status for a user’s mobile phone number (and whether it is potentially under the control of a fraudster).


Fraud detection

  • Potential call divert fraud can be detected and prevented.

Extra protection

  • Early fraud detection can prevent fraud before or soon after it has taken place.
  • This means there is less time for fraudsters to cause damage to a victim's finances.

Technical Information


Beta version for sandbox publication.



URLs for Sandbox and Production environments



Key Features

Call Divert checks if the current call forwarding status for a user’s mobile phone number (MSISDN) is active or not active.

How it works

  1. A customer uses a website or app.
  2. The website (or app) sends a Call Divert request to Vodafone to assess if this transaction is fraudulent.
  3. Vodafone responds with True/False as to whether Call Divert has been activated for the MSISDN. e.g. ”call_divert": true.

Use Case Example

The call centre (i.e. bank) wants to know if they are speaking to the intended recipient of the call.

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