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NumberVerify (CAMARA)0.4.0

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Number Verify (CAMARA) Overview

Number Verify (CAMARA) is a CAMARA-compliant API that checks if the mobile number of a device accessing an online service or app matches the one provided by the customer. 

This is performed silently at the network level to make the user onboarding journey frictionless and secure. This is an alternative to SMS OTPs, which are prone to social engineering attacks and can add friction to the user experience.

What is CAMARA?

CAMARA is an open-source project to publish standardised definitions of telco network APIs that work across multiple networks in a single country.

CAMARA enables easy and seamless access by making the APIs available across telco networks and countries. This approach also simplifies telco network complexity, reduces costs, accelerates technology development, and supports application portability.

Technical Information


Beta version for sandbox publication.



URLs for Sandbox and Production environments



Key Features

  • Seamless verification of the mobile number in real-time 
  • The cryptographically secure possession factor 
  • API connectivity into network authentication

The API provides two operations:

  • verify
    • Verifies a mobile number is true or false. 
  • device-phone-number
    • Returns the mobile number associated with the access token. This is so an API client can verify a number.

How it works

  1. A customer tries registering for a new app and is requested to enter their phone number.
  2. The app sends the phone number via the Number Verify (CAMARA) API to Vodafone.
  3. The Number Verify (CAMARA) API checks in real-time whether the phone number connected to the network matches what the user has entered.
  4. The API responds with True/False as to whether the MSISDN matches, e.g. "DevicePhoneNumberVerified": false

Note: Customers must be on the cellular network to perform a successful verification.

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