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Number Recycle1.1.1

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Number Recycle Overview

Use this API to find out when a mobile number has been deactivated and recycled. Number Recycle helps reduce account lockouts and SMS notifications going to the wrong user.



  • Helps to ensure that a business is interacting with the same person who initially signed up for their services.

Reduce Fraud

  • Reduce fraud and identity theft when users change their mobile number.

Data clean-up

  • Enables a new user to open a new account with a business where that phone number was already registered.
  • The business can perform a recycle check and close the previous account that was held by previous user.

Technical Information


Beta version for sandbox publication.



URLs for Sandbox and Production environments



Key Features

  • Identify if a phone number has been disconnected from its original user and allocated to a new user.
  • Prevent sending SMS messages to the wrong person if ownership has changed.

How It Works

  1. The Service Provider sends a request to the Number Recycle API, requesting whether a mobile number has been recycled.
  2. The API performs a check against the Vodafone mobile number.
  3. Vodafone responds with the date of the last time the mobile number was recycled (if available). If no associated date is available, the attribute "reuse" = false. Otherwise, it responds with "reuse" = true and the is_recycled date stamp attribute is included.

Note: Any mobile number originating from Vodafone that was recycled before 19th August 2020 will not be shown as having been recycled.

Use Case Examples

  • Prevents fraudsters from entering an account that they don't own.

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