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Match Overview

Customers are increasingly using their devices to get things done online, whether for shopping, travel or banking.

Many of these involve them having to set up an initial account, which can be time-consuming. What's more, in the past, it's been possible to set up accounts fraudulently by using other people's details.

Match provides signals based on the data provided by the customer that help you create a fraud risk score.


Identity Protection

  • It reduces fraudulent transactions and makes it harder to create fake or synthetic identities
  • Verified customer data is bound to the mobile number

Higher Conversion Rates

  • It speeds up account creation, as checks are carried out quickly and without customer intervention
  • Improve acceptance rate of applications for new products and services

Key Features

  • Match your customer’s data instantly against first-party KYC (Know Your Customer) attributes held by Vodafone: Given Name, Family Name, Date of Birth, First line of address, Postal Code.
  • This service works for Vodafone mobile numbers (MSISDNs) only. 
  • No user information is shared

    • The API will respond with True/False

    • It checks if the submitted attributes match with the data that we hold against the phone number

    • This is similar to a credit check

  • Additional information can be provided if there is a match against KYC data. For example:

    • Whether the phone number has been reported lost or stolen

    • The account state is active or inactive

    • The billing segment. For example, pay monthly or pay as you go. 

How It Works

Example Workflow

A new customer is shopping online at an online clothes retailer and wants to pay for the items in instalments.

  1. The customer goes to checkout from the website and pays for the goods they want to purchase.
  2. The website (or app) asks them to register their details for the first time.
  3. The app sends a request to Vodafone's Match API.
  4. The API compares the attributes submitted by the user with the details that Vodafone holds against that user, and sends a response for each of the API attributes. For example:
Attribute Example response
given_name_match Y
family_name_match Y
houseno_or_housename_match N-AV
postal_code_match N-AV
birthdate_match N-AV
is_lost_stolen false
billing_segment PAYM
account_state active
  1. If the details don’t match, further identity checks may be required, so that the retailer can ensure that the user is real.

Use Case Examples

  • Enrolling a customer on to new services (by re-using the validated user identity that Vodafone has previously captured).
  • Banks that need to verify new users by using Remote ID checks.
  • Banks that need to refresh their Know Your Customer (KYC) records.
  • Mobile wallet card enrolment.
  • Mobile wallet ID verification.
  • Compliance check for online gambling.

About Vodafone

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