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Open Gateway - Onboarding And Ordering API5.0.0

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Open Gateway Operate Overview

Open Gateway - Onboarding And Ordering API is a CAMARA-compliant component suite that enables Channel Partners and Operators to order Vodafone's API-based services. It is a way for people to use Vodafone Developer Marketplace products, without having to register. This API can be used without needing any knowledge of how the underlying network technologies work.

Note: It is based on the GSMA's TM Forum Open API "TMF931 - API Ordering, Developer & Application Onboarding and Management".

What is CAMARA?

CAMARA is an open-source project to publish standardised definitions of telco network APIs that work across multiple networks in a single country.

CAMARA enables easy and seamless access by making the APIs available across telco networks and countries. This approach also simplifies telco network complexity, reduces costs, accelerates technology development, and supports application portability.

Technical Information


Beta version for sandbox publication.



URLs for Sandbox 


Key Features

It is a headless digital application that provides a single endpoint for:

  • Ordering a product
    • Ordering services, or getting the delivery status of an order.
  • Getting a list of available products 
  • Managing applications
    • Changing a service, terminating access, or cancelling a service.
  • Monitoring a system's status

How it works

End customers normally use this API through an Aggregator.

  1. An end customer wants to order a new service, get a list of available products, or amend an existing service.
  2. Via a Channel Partner's or Operator's app or website, the end customer makes a request. For example: A request to use the "Quality on Demand" service. 
  3. The Channel Partner's or Operator's app or website sends the request to the API.
  4. The API processes the request. For example, it activates the "Quality on Demand" service.

Note: Bearer Authentication is required to perform the request. See the Additional Information page for more information.

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