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Sim Swap1.1.1

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This section provides additional information on using the SIM Swap API.

Select the correct MNO for the mobile number

You must use a discovery service to determine which Mobile Network Operator's (MNO's) API you should use for each individual mobile number (MSISDN). This ensures API requests are efficiently directed to the correct MNO. This service is not provided by Vodafone.

Getting an access token

You need an access token in order to use this API.

The token is valid for 59 minutes and 59 seconds. It can be used for multiple requests.

The bearer tokens can only be used for a specific country. For example: If you generate a token for a UK mobile number, you cannot use it to query a German mobile number.

For more information on using Authorization Basic, see RFC 6749.

If the request is valid, the API returns an access_token, along with expiry and scope information.
This access token can then be used in one or more requests for as long as the token remains valid.

If the request is not valid, the APIs returns an error message.

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