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Number Verify1.1.1

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Number Verify Overview

Number Verify checks if the phone number in use matches the one provided by the customer. This is performed silently at the network level to make the user onboarding journey frictionless and secure. This is an alternative to SMS OTPs, which are prone to social engineering attacks and can add friction to the user experience.


More Secure Than SMS OTP

  • Verifies the phone number at the Vodafone network level by checking, in real-time, that the SIM connects to the mobile data session. 
  • The user can't be socially engineered to provide this information. This is because there is no information to be phished from the unsuspecting user.

Superior User Experience

  • Users don't need to use SMS OTP, or email, during the registration process. This speeds up the registration process.
  • The user never leaves the app, and the entire verification is seamless. This leads to better customer experience and higher conversion rates.

Technical Information





URLs for Sandbox and Production environments



Key Features

  • Seamless verification of the mobile number in real-time 
  • The cryptographically secure possession factor 
  • API connectivity into network authentication

How It Works

  1. A customer tries registering for a new app and is requested to enter their phone number.
  2. The app sends the phone number via the Number Verify API to Vodafone.
  3. The Number Verify API checks in real-time whether the phone number connected to the network matches what the user has entered.
  4. The API responds with True/False as to whether the MSISDN matches, e.g. "device_msisdn_verified": false

Note: Customers must be on the cellular network to perform a successful verification.

Use Case Examples

  • User registration or re-registration
  • Password-free logins
  • Frictionless password resets

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